The Samara Dental Implant System

Six specialized implants when used with fixed-rule procedures provide the only comprehensive, permanent dental restoration solution for any degree of maxillary and mandibular atrophy, without sinus augmentation or bone grafting, while minimizing the risks of implant rejection

Compressive 1 pc. basal implant

Compressive 2 pc. basal implant

Disc Implant

Disc 2pc.png
  • Based on screw retained restoration.

  • Used for extreme cases of Mandibular atrophy where the lower jaw bone exhibits good length characteristics but is missing the necessary width of at least 3mm for standard implants.

  • Can be used between the two upper premolars.

  • Bendable neck for accurate aesthetic customization angle

  • Can be used with cortical bone

  • Used for cases with minimal bone widths

  • Can be adapted for use in conjunction with other implants for total screw retained restoration

  • Minimally invasive screw design reducing bone trauma
  • Minimizes the risk of Peri-implantitis
  • Built-in Abutment structure

  • Can be bent for a customized support angle

  • Adhesive restoration

  • Can be used to support an adhesive bridge

Hybrid Plate Implant

Pterygoid Implant

  • Strategically placed, serves as a replacement for cantilevers

  • Used within the upper wisdom tooth area –Optimal entry point enabling direct access to the medial rib of the spheno-pterygoid fossa – enabling strong, long-term anchorage

  • Bendable neck for alignment with the dental ar 

  • Can be used on older patients

  • Optional immediate loading

  • Utilizes support the from superficial cortical Zygomatic arch, nasal and hard palate cortical bones

  • Can be supported by the mandibular cortical bone

  • Can be used for severe cases of bone atrophy

  • Optional immediate loading

  • Good alternative for cases that require zygomatic implants

Zygomatic Implant

  • Used on patients with advanced bone atrophy or even complete loss of bone

  • Highly durable long lasting implant anchored within the zygomatic cortical bone

  • The Zygomatic cortical bone can be utilized for up to three implants per side, enabling comprehensive and permanent maxillary screw retained restoration.